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Where to Play

  • Download the game on Itch (password is optimusrhyme).

  • Unzip the files and run the application file named CKCTURQFGH.

  • The game looks best with "windowed" unchecked and resolution set to 1920 x 1080.

  • WARNING: This is an old game from 2018, the birth year of 90% Studios, which means it SUCKS. Play at your own discretion. Here's the walkthrough, you'll need it

About the game

Join Cool Kid Cody on his quest for Godhood as he squabbles with his classmates over a guitar, summons Crescent High's flying skate-cat God and skates from flesh-eating Losers in order to prove he's cool! This is either going to be a really good day, a really bad day, or a dream with no consequences to reality at all.

WOW look at this thing. This is the first real video game Andy and I have ever made together. Please be warned, the skateboarding part is pretty bad. This demo kind of just exists to remind us where we started.


Thank you everyone who helped us make this game, play tested it, supported us with money or played the game. We learned a ton thanks to you!!

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