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Bannie is a dumb, unemployed, sleepy, snacky bunny who lives in Timbercreek City with a bunch of her equally dumb forest critter friends!

Hiya, Denny here! This project was an experiment I did during art college to see how hard Youtube animation was. The answer was very.


I couldn't justify the amount of time it took to make these vids so I stopped making them and moved on to making games (which, turns out, takes even more time, but I like the medium better so here I am).

Thanks to anyone who enjoyed Banimation! If you're still interested in cartoons, I work as a keyframer for JaidenAnimations. Go check out her stuff!


Also, this project isn't really game related, but it is Andy and me related (Andy voiced Eric and I voiced Bannie), so that's why it's here heheheh.

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