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About us


We're Denny and Andy, two 45% halves of 90% Studios. Please stop asking us about the other 10%. We're responsible for indie games like Purrfect Apawcalypse, Panel Royale and Cool Kid Cody, check 'em out on Steam, Itch or Google Play!

But more specifically, Denny


Heya, I'm Denny! I draw, animate, write, sometimes make music, sometimes program, and sometimes go outside and talk to people. After 4 years at art college I started working as an animator for JaidenAnimations. When I'm not animating I'm making games, playing games or getting bullied by various rodents.

And that boyo, Andy

I'm Andy, a Software Engineer! I like to code, garden, make little gadgets, run around outside, doodle, ineffectively poke pianos, and sometimes make things out of wood.

At the moment I'm focusing on my two favorite things: Working for Shopify, and making video games for 90% Studios!

Contact us


Message us on Twitter or at, thanks! :)

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